The Receiving Method [REPLAY AVAILABLE]

Reprogram your subconscious to move beyond fear and resistance and create powerful results for you, your work and your family

Hosted by Patty Lennon

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  • The brain science behind resistance and how to shift your mind into “receiving” mode so that you stop blocking the gifts waiting at your doorstep.

  • How to increase and trust your intuitive gifts so you can tap into Divine Intelligence to guide your life and business

  • Why uncertainty is the single best time to create positive change for yourself, your work and your family and exactly how to do that (with love).

  • The One Minute Morning Practice that will release stress and anxiety and create powerful shifts in your daily life.

  • How to allow in abundance, love and support without losing focus on the care and concern you have for loved ones and your community

About Your Host Patty Lennon

Patty Lennon is a keynote speaker and best selling author that helps women create space for magic in their lives and businesses.  

Patty is a former Type A Corporate Banker who opened to her intuitive gifts at 35.   When her father passed away in 2019, the events that followed revealed a deep connection between intuition and the amount of abundance, support and love we are willing to allow into our lives.

She founded The Receiving School to help others open to their own receiving energy using a blend of common sense, brain science and a dash of magic ;)


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