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Allow in all the money, love and support the Universe is sending you.

And grow your intuitive gifts in the process. 

(Without having to spend hours creating vision boards, meditating or doing complicated rituals)

You are an over-giver who struggles to receive but know you need to get better at it.

Then You're In The Right Place!

If You:

  • are generous and enjoy to give but suspect that you tend to give more than you receive.
  • feel like you are always stretched thin because of this over-giving tendency
  • are doing more, giving more and it's never enough and can even feel taken advantage of
  • know that something has to change

The time has come for you to release your intense pursuit of hyper-success, perfection or over-achieving.  Whatever is driving you to do more, give more … it's time to put it down, just for a bit. It is time slow down so you can make space for the magic the Universe is trying to show you.

You already know this though, don’t you? 

You’ve heard miracle stories about what happens to people who learn to receive and it sounds sooooo good. 

But it’s not quite as easy as it sounds, right?

You give and give and give because this is what you've been taught a "good person" does but don't feel fulfilled 

If you are the “good” person why don’t you don’t feel “good.”  If you are doing all the right things - why don’t you feel more fulfilled?

That is not how it was meant to be. That is not what the loving Force of the Universe wants for you.  

So why do you do it then?  

You were taught this way. You were taught to value giving over receiving. You were taught your value was what you put OUT, not what you take IN.  

Let’s change that.  

You don’t have to give up or unlearn your gorgeous, giving nature. You just need balance it with receiving. You need to LEARN Receiving.  

There is a reason...

That is not how it was meant to be.

That is not what the loving Force of the Universe wants for you.

The Universe needs balance.

Think about...  

--> For every tide that goes out, a tide must come in.

--> For every out breath, there is an in breath.

--> For every sunrise there is a sunset.

But for you there is only output. There is only giving.  When receiving is its natural balance.

So why do you do it then?  Why do you over-give?

The answer is simple. 

You were taught this way.  You were taught to value giving over receiving. 

You were taught your value was what you put OUT, not what you take IN.

Let’s change that.

You don’t have to give up or unlearn your gorgeous, giving nature.You just need balance it with receiving.  


You need to LEARN Receiving.

I get it. Most of us were taught that taking care of other people, thinking of others first, and giving freely were the hallmarks of a "good" person.

Anyone who focused on what they might get out of a situation, what they might receive was "bad".

It took many years and a whole bunch of training and healing to get me to the place I'm in now.

I'm in a place in my life where I trust fully in the ability for the Universe to deliver to me exactly what I need.

Over the years, I have faced some intense situations and heartbreaks, such as the day I wondered if I could make this business a success and almost shut my business down eight years ago. And losing each of my parents. And navigating the struggles of my children. 

But I can tell you that those circumstances have provided me the richest ground to learn and incorporate what I'm sharing with you today, which is:

When we open to receiving in all forms - money, love, support, and Divine guidance - life finds its own natural rhythm and inside that rhythm - that flow - all your needs can and will be met, without fear and without anyone you love losing out.

Truthfully, the stronger my receiving energy has grown, the more I have opened up and let in all that is coming to me, and in response to that, the people I love most have thrived.

Allyson Manifested $18,000 for her Business!

Find out how a Receiving School member manifested $18,000 to reach her annual revenue goal in her business. 

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Welcome to The Receiving School


During our 8 weeks together you will get all the love and support and “classwork” you didn’t get as a child that will show you HOW to receive.
How to let in the love, abundance, joy and happiness the Universe is delivering to you on a DAILY BASIS.

The very best part of it is that this will be the EASIEST work you’ve ever done.

It will be delicious and fun and ultimately feel soooo good because you will be coming into balance with what you inherently know to be RIGHT.

The actual blueprint for how you are meant to live is programmed into your very being, into your world…

Your breath

Your heartbeat 

The ocean tides

The seasons

The forces of life on this planet all … balance what goes out with what comes in.

At your truest wisest self you already know that RECEIVING is just as vital as GIVING and the balance of these two forces is the key to having:

Healthy, loving relationships

Fulfilling work

Deep financial security

Beautiful spaces to live and work in

Supportive Team Members

Exciting adventures…

All of it starts by being open to RECEIVE at the level you GIVE

What is even more exciting is that this “receiving energy” you will be allowing in is the same energy that drives intuitive gifts.  If you’ve ever felt like you are a little bit intuitive and would love to trust the information coming through you or you’d like to open up to the powers of your sixth sense like:

Clairvoyance (to see)

Clairaudience (to hear)

Claircognizance (to know)

Clairsentience (to feel) 

Raising the receiving energy in your life is what will call these gifts forward.

YES! I'm IN!

Let me be clear though. This isn’t simply a manifestation or Law of Attraction program.  

If you’ve read about Law of Attraction or taken Manifestation programs but you've never been able to consistently apply what you learned to your life RECEIVING SCHOOL will give you the missing link.  The piece of the puzzle no one is teaching. And here it is…

You can visualize until your 3rd eye bleeds and it won’t matter if your subconscious brain is programmed to block that receiving. 

You can set intentions, murmur mantras and affirmations all day long but if your ACTIONS show the Universe something different than what you’d LIKE to happen it will be very difficult to RECEIVE the manifestations headed to you.

In order to shift your actions you need to get to the heart of the subconscious patterns at play.

THE RECEIVING SCHOOL blends tactical actions with brain science and spiritual principles to unblock your resistance to receiving on all levels.  It is only when the brain, body and soul are all working together that full, bountiful receiving can occur.

Are you ready for THE RECEIVING SCHOOL?

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  • 30 minute process that will immediately start drawing in the money and support that will free you from the stress that often seeps into your life

  • The ONE Daily practice you can complete in less than 5 minutes each day that will start releasing blocks that is keeping money just outside your door

  • A simple shift in awareness that will decrease the anxiety and stress you experience on a daily basis by at least 50%
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  • Release mental and emotional barriers you unconsciously hold to the clients, sales, promotions and salary increases naturally flowing to you  

  • You’ll learn the one piece of information you’ve been denying, that the Universe has tried to show you over and over again, that will free you from massive blocks to time and happiness

  • Learn how to access your inner advisor so you no longer feel the need to access answers outside yourself and can trust the answers that come from within.
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  • During this module you will have simple, easy-to-follow processes that will allow you to declutter your office and mind

  • You’ll walk away from this module feeling like you just took an energetic shower and the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders

  • Engage a simple process that will make the magic that surrounds you tangible so that you can harness the power of that magic to free you from always needing to know “how” to make your dreams come to life
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  • You’ll learn to open up to the spiritual guidance flowing to you at all times through your higher self, your ancestors and your spirit guides

  • You’ll learn to hear and trust your own intuition as well as “read” the energy and information available outside your 5 senses

  • You’ll be able to make decisions with confidence and move forward without second guessing yourself so that you accomplish more in much less time.
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  • You’ll gain direct advice, direction and specific actions to take from your spirit guides so you can start to build out a plan for 2020 that is customized to your soul

  • During this module and throughout the program, Patty will provide readings to you and the other participants which will help you have confidence in what you already “know”
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  • Module 6 will be the true icing on the cake.  You will understand at a deep and powerful level the key to receiving without doing anything

  • If I could give you this module first I would because it will change EVERYTHING but you’ll need the previous 5 module’s to be ready for it.  (It is going to be awesome!!!)

  • Finally see clearly what you want for your future and exactly how to bring it to life

Everything That's Included In This Program: 

  • 6 Value Packed Modules.  Each module has a video training exercise and worksheets and prompts to enhance the training and to guide your through the processes.

  • 2 weeks of "rest" time to catch up on coursework and to dive deeper into the exercises. Most programs push you through to the "healing'.  I want to give you space to focus and really work on these exercises.  Rushing to healing won't work. There will be a LIVE call during these two weeks to ask questions and move forward.

  • LIVE calls each week with Patty to go over additional training based on the modules. These calls allow time to share wins and successes and space to allow for questions and need for support.

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and to engage with a community of like-minded people who are going on this journey with you. 

  • All LIVE calls will be recorded and added to your course library for you to watch at any time. 

Here's What Some Recent Graduates of The Receiving School Had to Say:

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Past Students Also Said...


Choose Your Payment Option:

One-Time Payment


Early Bird Pricing Ends 4/5

Let's Do It!

3-Payment Option

$297 x 3

Payment Plan

I'm So Ready!


Bonus 1 Meditation to Connect to Mother Earth.

This meditation will allow you to receive guidance from Mother Earth as you walk your journey through the energy of the pandemic.

Bonus 2 Extra Coaching Call 

During this rare time on our planet I am adding an extra coaching call to support The Receiving School members even more. 

Bonus 3 Intention Setting Workshop

I’ll guide you on choosing a powerful intention for our time together.  You will also receive a video training on this same topic. 

Bonus 4 Income Generating Workshop for Entrepreneurs

I’ll help you identify an income generating idea that is appropriate for the current environment and provide individual guidance to you on what you can offer right now that will feel juicy and of service.

Bonus 5 The Receiving Method Masterclass Recording

Reprogram your subconscious to move beyond fear and resistance and create powerful results for you, your work and your family.

In The Masterclass You Will Learn

  • The brain science behind resistance and how to shift your mind into “receiving” mode so that you stop blocking the gifts waiting at your doorstep

  • How to increase and trust your intuitive gifts so you can tap Divine Intelligence to guide your life and business 

  • Why uncertainty is the single best time to create positive change for yourself, your work and your family and exactly how to do that (with love)

  • The One Minute Morning Practice that will release stress and anxiety and create powerful shifts in your daily life

  • How to allow in abundance, love and support without losing focus on the care and concern you have for loved ones and your community

Bonus 6 The Abundance Method Masterclass Recording

Rise above negative beliefs, develop a wealth vibration and transform your life.

In This Masterclass You Will Learn: 

  • The ONE technique that will free you from limiting beliefs so that you can feel grounded and peaceful no matter what is going on
  • The truth about how our economic system works and the one emotion you can use right now to open your abundance flow (This isn’t woo - this is coming straight from my banking days)
  • Why traditional manifestation techniques don’t create long term results and what to do instead

Bonus 7 Reaching For Higher Ground Masterclass Recording

Create and maintain your strongest vibration in any circumstance. 

  • The one question to ask yourself each morning that will reveal where you need to focus your time and effort to power up your energy
  • How to set boundaries (without being mean) and lift others up at the same time
  • 3 Simple Shifts to make in your daily routine that will increase your soul’s strength and repel toxic energy

About Your Host

Patty Lennon is a keynote speaker and best selling author that helps women create space for magic in their lives and businesses.  

Patty is a former Type A Corporate Banker who opened to her intuitive gifts at 35.   When her father passed away in 2019, the events that followed revealed a deep connection between intuition and the amount of abundance, support and love we are willing to allow into our lives.

She founded The Receiving School to help others open to their own receiving energy using a blend of common sense, brain science and a dash of magic ;)

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7-Day Full Refund Guarantee

Our goal is to support you and help you live a happy life.  We want you to understand how amazing you are and what you are capable of.  However, if you decide within 7 days that The Receiving School is not for you, you can email us and we'll refund your money. 


How Do I Know if This Program is Right For Me?

I'm so glad you asked! It's a big decision! 

I have spent years working on myself by constantly learning and growing.  I have found tools that have worked for me to help me open up my own receiving energy! 

This program is right for you if you are ready to finally work through some internal blocks that are holding you back. 

"Can I Do It?"

There are no pre-requisites for taking this course.  Whether you have been working on a spiritual practice for a while or if you are just getting settled in to opening up to the limitless possibilities of the Universe, this course is doable for you.  

All we ask is that you show up with an open mind, an open heart and a positive mindset on your potential.  

How Long Is The Program?

Great question! There are 6 Modules but the entire program will run 8 weeks.  We'll have two "rest' weeks where you can get caught up on exercises and take a mental breather.

What Happens If I Miss a Live Call?

Don't worry! We record all live calls and any bonus trainings that Patty will do.  Everything will be in your course library.

"What if I fall behind in the coursework?"

When you join The Receiving School, you'll have unlimited access to the program AND you'll be able to attend all future sessions of The Receiving School.  There is no "fall behind" in this program. It's structured to help you navigate what's going on for you. This is a go at our pace program. Some people like to stay accountable with the other members.  Some people like to journey through this on their own. Both methods are totally fine.  

"I don't like sharing private stuff about myself"

That's totally ok! You can share as much or as little as you like and feel comfortable.  Not everyone likes to share their thoughts or insights. Others LOVE to. We're here to cheer you on and to support you when you need it.  

How Much Time Will This Require?

The weekly training will take between 15-30 minutes. The exercises may take 30 minute to 1 hour.  Our weekly LIVE calls are approximately 60 minutes. You can join those live or watch the recording. 

Will I Be Able to Ask Patty a Question During The LIVE Calls?

You can ask questions during the live weekly call OR you can ask a question in the private Facebook group and I'll answer as soon as possible.  

Is there a guarantee?

We offer a 7-day refund policy for the program.  If you try it for one week and it’s just not for you, please email our team at and they’ll help you. 

Also, please note, during this program we’ll be discussing health, wellness, fitness and nutritional information that is designed for educational purposes only.  By signing up for this program you take 100% responsibility for your overall well being. The information in this program is not a substitute or replacement for professional medical advisors or professional counseling care. 

I'm So Ready!
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